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SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.1

RELEASEDGood news, everyone! The popular Isolation Hood has entered a new stage, and is now available at version 1.1! More changes have been planned for it that I really managed to implement, but I must blame both my RL and SL for keeping me busy or drained – and moreover, it just means there will be more updates coming out before version 2.0 is ready. Now let’s take a peek at what the updated version has to offer…

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Apr 10: SLiCK! Isolation Hood Update

It’s true! There finally is version 1.1 of the popular SLiCK! Isolation Hood, introducing some new features and a larger selection of looks… Grab your own copy ;)

Apr 06 – SLiCK! Hood 1.1 Rolling Out This Week

Version 1.1 of the SLiCK! Isolation Hood that was introduced at Latexia Auction for Japan will roll out by the end of the week! All customers with v 1.0 will receive the update via inventory offer.

Apr 3 – Live from Latexia

The Japan Relief Auction is FINISHED! All items were sold, and we raised L$135,000 … they will be sent to the American Red Cross now. And that concludes this LIVE transmission from Latexia! Thanks to all who participated!

Mar 30 – SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.1

Update for SLiCK! Isolation Hood is ready and coming out next week! Participants in Latexia’s Japan aid auction will have a chance to be the first to get them…

Evolution Of A Girl (part 2): Desperation

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. And it wasn’t precisely a happy time. Not long after me and my fiancee left to be together, something happened. I don’t know what it was, but something happened in my girl’s RL … and she’s been out of touch with me for over two weeks now. I’ve been growing more and more desperate during these two weeks.. until I found out that her avatar was not in SL anymore.

Gone.. irreversibly. She’s gone and left me alone..

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep on going. I’ll think of the things we’ve talked about, things we’ve planned. I’ll always remember her smile, her laugh, her mischievous nature, her caring hugs and loving touch. But it all seems to be slipping through my fingers, just like all the hopes and dreams.

If she’s somewhere out there… I want her to know that I am in love with her, that my heart belongs to her, now and forever, and it will never belong to any other. If my hopes are crushed, I have nothing more to live for…

Evolution Of A Girl (part 1): Separation

Life changes. Both in RL and SL. Things we got used to, things we considered etched into stone can disappear all of sudden, transform, or maybe you look at them and realize that it’s you who has changed. Sometimes, it is happy. More often, it brings sadness for the things lost. And everytime, it leaves you wondering “what am I going to do now?” But it really is all OK, it’s a part of life. Without changing, without moving on, there would be no evolution. We would be stuck in one place, at one point in time, and the world would go past. Read more

SLiCK! Hood Update Preparations – v 1.1

To all my dear customers who purchased the SLiCK! Isolation Hood! Yes, you might be looking forward to an update. It will include several important things, some of them not as obvious as others, but there will be a very major one – an auto-updater that will inform you of any updates in the future, and which will deliver the updated version right into your hands. For a full list of planned changes, read on! Read more

Feb 06: Updates to SLiCK! Isolation Hood

The popular SLiCK! Isolation Hood is getting a major update soon. Read more about it at SLiCK! website.

Jan 31: BDSM/Fetish Hunt Over!

Thank you everyone! SLiCK! will take part in next hunts too. Stay tuned!

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