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Aug 13: Isolation Hood Updated to 1.16

Due to my moving to Viewer 2.x, permissions on the 1.15 release were screwed (no-perms). Release 1.16 fixes this issue and adds the option to block the use of emotes.

SLiCK! RLV Toys Updated

Version 1.15, now shared between all toys, fixes an issue that caused the timelock to reset back when the wearer logged off.

Remedy About Meeroos: Still Unclear

While the main account for Meeroos has been unblocked again, circumstances of its banning remain unclear. Explanation pending.

LL Meeroo Screw-Up

LL just made a screw-up of the century when they banned the legitimate Meeroo team instead of impostors. Result? Over a million hungry meeroos.

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Founded by Mika Feiri, SLiCK! focuses on high-quality tools, clothes, and accessories. Not content with mediocre quality of many available products, our motto is "Don't sell anything you couldn't proudly wear/use yourself!"