Founded by Mika Feiri, SLiCK! focuses on high-quality tools, clothes, and accessories. Not content with mediocre quality of many available products, our motto is “Don’t sell anything you couldn’t proudly wear/use yourself!”

About The Founder

Mika is a graphic designer with background in user-experience in RL and takes much pride in her work, which means that top quality is “standard” for all SLiCK! products. It also means that she does not hesitate to delay a release of her work by days or weeks to ensure this desired level of quality. Her experience of over 15 years in graphic design and over 10 years in product development are priceless when it comes to planning and implementing the product architecture.

When she first joined SL, she did so to relax and forget about work. It took he only a few weeks to realize that much of the SL market is flooded with nearly carbon copies of several basic products. Having returned after a few months worth of recovery after a serious illness, she re-entered SL decided to bring new ideas to the burned-out market, and set her high standards.

As of this moment, Mika usually works on several of her upcoming products, taking inspiration from her Mistress to who she gladly submitted her heart, and her sisters in Mistress’s family who often comment on her work, provide invaluable advice, suggestions, and criticism. Despite the amount of work, she still manages to find enough time to stay in touch with friends, both old and new, and have fun… after all, that’s what SL is about!