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Jan 31: BDSM/Fetish Hunt Over!

Thank you everyone! SLiCK! will take part in next hunts too. Stay tuned!

Jan 30: BDSM/Fetish Hunt Ending Today

Sadly, it is true: The hunt is ending today, so grab the free gift from SLiCK! while you can! :)

Jan 26: Vendor Online Again

All vendors are back online after recovering from a fatal hardware failure. If your purchase failed, you can retry now.

Happy Birthday

Oh yes, it’s been some time since the day this world has suffered the horrible event of my birth. And yet another anniversary wraps up today. No, I am not going to tell you how many years have passed since.. those who are supposed to know, know already.

Spent the evening with my Mistress and with my dear Sis, visiting some nice stores.. Got a very sexy and nice tattoo from Mistress.. and a beautiful picture from my Sis Tara.. and we flew a hot air balloon, cuddling with Mistress.. ~purrrrrrrrrrrr~ and then cuddles with Sis..

Thank you all for a wonderful night :)

~Mika Feiri

Vendor Issues Jan 25, 2011

The vendor system used by SLiCK! currently seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. We ask our customers to remain patient until these are resolved. The issue is not on your side, nor is it something SLiCK! could currently resolve. Just – stay patient, please. Thank you A/all!

SLiCK! Isolation Hood Canine 1.0

RELEASEDThe original SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.0 has been around for some time and it’s been getting quite popular, especially with heavy bondage lovers. However a friend has pointed out that there is yet another subculture in SL who would love to see some fetish/BDSM accessories. Their disadvantage compared to the “mainstream market” is that their requirements regarding shape and sizing may get somewhat specific.

I’m talking about the furry community. Yes, all those cute wolves, foxes, kitties, rabbits, and others. They also love to have some fun with evil toys, and I decided to provide as much of it as I can. Thus the Isolation Hood Canine came to existence. Read more

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