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Visiting Camp Crucible

This year I’ve decided to break my hermit’s habit and go out there.. to meet great people and get new inspiration. Visit my blog at for more info and staying tuned. :)

New: Cyber Rack & Amputee Cage

It’s a pleasure to announce release of two new RLV-enabled products that can be found in any of my stores or at Marketplace.

Aug 13: Isolation Hood Updated to 1.16

Due to my moving to Viewer 2.x, permissions on the 1.15 release were screwed (no-perms). Release 1.16 fixes this issue and adds the option to block the use of emotes.

SLiCK! RLV Toys Updated

Version 1.15, now shared between all toys, fixes an issue that caused the timelock to reset back when the wearer logged off.

Remedy About Meeroos: Still Unclear

While the main account for Meeroos has been unblocked again, circumstances of its banning remain unclear. Explanation pending.

LL Meeroo Screw-Up

LL just made a screw-up of the century when they banned the legitimate Meeroo team instead of impostors. Result? Over a million hungry meeroos.

SLiCK! Bondage Mittens Released

A new toy by SLiCK! – stylish and exclusive-looking mittens, available now! Enjoy the color variations in three different materials, and the HUD-less scripting.

Apr 10: SLiCK! Isolation Hood Update

It’s true! There finally is version 1.1 of the popular SLiCK! Isolation Hood, introducing some new features and a larger selection of looks… Grab your own copy ;)

Apr 06 – SLiCK! Hood 1.1 Rolling Out This Week

Version 1.1 of the SLiCK! Isolation Hood that was introduced at Latexia Auction for Japan will roll out by the end of the week! All customers with v 1.0 will receive the update via inventory offer.

Apr 3 – Live from Latexia

The Japan Relief Auction is FINISHED! All items were sold, and we raised L$135,000 … they will be sent to the American Red Cross now. And that concludes this LIVE transmission from Latexia! Thanks to all who participated!

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