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Feature List for Upcoming DataStore Releases

PREVIEWIt would be akin to¬† heresy to think that there is no need to improve on the current DataStore. There are some features that I originally intended to add to the initial 1.0 release but which simply didn’t make it there, and some features that are only beginning to appear on the list. For those of you eager to find out what the future updates will bring, read on… Read more

DataStore 1.0

Persistent Data At Arm’s Reach…

RELEASEDKeeping your product’s status across rezzing, teleporting through sims, or logouts is the key to all scripted products. Up until now, content creators have either fought against limitations of SL’s local storage using tortured prims, or fiddled with complex and complicated methods of communicating with off-site servers. Both of these methods are time-consuming and they forced developers to spend their effort on other things than their own product.

SLiCK! DataStore combines reliability of off-site data storage with sofar unmatched ease of use. The DataStore is represented by a single scripted prim which, embedded into your product, handles persistent storage, data recovery, and data manipulation for you. Read more

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