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Visiting Camp Crucible

This year I’ve decided to break my hermit’s habit and go out there.. to meet great people and get new inspiration. Visit my blog at for more info and staying tuned. :)

Visiting the wonderful Camp Crucible

That’s right.. after years of seclusion, solitude and staying away, I’m getting back. This year I’ll be visiting Camp Crucible, a wonderful event made possible by the cool people from The Crucible. While it’s hard to say what I’ll be doing there (but you can IM me your wild guesses in SL), I can say one thing I know for sure: I’ll be meeting some wonderful people and getting lots of inspiration for new toys.

If you want to be updated about my visit to the Camp, stay tuned..

New: Cyber Rack & Amputee Cage

It’s a pleasure to announce release of two new RLV-enabled products that can be found in any of my stores or at Marketplace.

Back Again

That’s right. After almost a year of hiatus, I’m back in SL. It’s taking a bit of getting used to all the changes that have happened meanwhile, but I’ll eventually settle down and be back in business. For now, I introduce you to two new products I’ve recently released:


Cyber Rack

Bondage rack for high-tech settings

Amputee Cage

A special cage for special kinks ;)













Enjoy! :)

Aug 13: Isolation Hood Updated to 1.16

Due to my moving to Viewer 2.x, permissions on the 1.15 release were screwed (no-perms). Release 1.16 fixes this issue and adds the option to block the use of emotes.

SLiCK! RLV Toys Updated

Version 1.15, now shared between all toys, fixes an issue that caused the timelock to reset back when the wearer logged off.

Remedy About Meeroos: Still Unclear

While the main account for Meeroos has been unblocked again, circumstances of its banning remain unclear. Explanation pending.

LL Meeroo Screw-Up

LL just made a screw-up of the century when they banned the legitimate Meeroo team instead of impostors. Result? Over a million hungry meeroos.

SL, RL, and Lies

Those who have known me for some time know that my past six months weren’t exactly happy. Mostly due to the fact that I fell in love with someone who didn’t deserve it, and who deserted me despite all promises, oaths, and plans for the future.

Not many know however, that this person has come back to me just about a week ago, explaining, begging forgiveness.. and there is a grand finale to it, but I will keep that for later. I want to give a full account of what transpired, in full detail – to serve everyone as an advance warning about how spineless people in SL can be even when it comes to breaking someone’s heart.

Stay tuned for more information – especially you, Taralyn Aubin AKA AuroraKyria … this one goes on you.

SLiCK! Bondage Mittens Released

A new toy by SLiCK! – stylish and exclusive-looking mittens, available now! Enjoy the color variations in three different materials, and the HUD-less scripting.

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