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Visiting the wonderful Camp Crucible

That’s right.. after years of seclusion, solitude and staying away, I’m getting back. This year I’ll be visiting Camp Crucible, a wonderful event made possible by the cool people from The Crucible. While it’s hard to say what I’ll be doing there (but you can IM me your wild guesses in SL), I can say one thing I know for sure: I’ll be meeting some wonderful people and getting lots of inspiration for new toys.

If you want to be updated about my visit to the Camp, stay tuned..

Happy Birthday

Oh yes, it’s been some time since the day this world has suffered the horrible event of my birth. And yet another anniversary wraps up today. No, I am not going to tell you how many years have passed since.. those who are supposed to know, know already.

Spent the evening with my Mistress and with my dear Sis, visiting some nice stores.. Got a very sexy and nice tattoo from Mistress.. and a beautiful picture from my Sis Tara.. and we flew a hot air balloon, cuddling with Mistress.. ~purrrrrrrrrrrr~ and then cuddles with Sis..

Thank you all for a wonderful night :)

~Mika Feiri
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