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SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.1

RELEASEDGood news, everyone! The popular Isolation Hood has entered a new stage, and is now available at version 1.1! More changes have been planned for it that I really managed to implement, but I must blame both my RL and SL for keeping me busy or drained – and moreover, it just means there will be more updates coming out before version 2.0 is ready. Now let’s take a peek at what the updated version has to offer…

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Mar 30 – SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.1

Update for SLiCK! Isolation Hood is ready and coming out next week! Participants in Latexia’s Japan aid auction will have a chance to be the first to get them…

SLiCK! Isolation Hood Canine 1.0

RELEASEDThe original SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.0 has been around for some time and it’s been getting quite popular, especially with heavy bondage lovers. However a friend has pointed out that there is yet another subculture in SL who would love to see some fetish/BDSM accessories. Their disadvantage compared to the “mainstream market” is that their requirements regarding shape and sizing may get somewhat specific.

I’m talking about the furry community. Yes, all those cute wolves, foxes, kitties, rabbits, and others. They also love to have some fun with evil toys, and I decided to provide as much of it as I can. Thus the Isolation Hood Canine came to existence. Read more

SLiCK! Isolation Hood 1.0

PREVIEWThere is never too much gimp-ish gear out there! There is quite a few so-called “isolation hoods”, but only a few of them deserve the name. Unfortunately those that deliver in the features often lack attractive look and vice versa. That is why I have decided to create yet another one, this time a hood that would be presentable both as nice and strict. Something.. new, good-looking, and still, worthy of the name. Read more

DataStore 1.0

Persistent Data At Arm’s Reach…

RELEASEDKeeping your product’s status across rezzing, teleporting through sims, or logouts is the key to all scripted products. Up until now, content creators have either fought against limitations of SL’s local storage using tortured prims, or fiddled with complex and complicated methods of communicating with off-site servers. Both of these methods are time-consuming and they forced developers to spend their effort on other things than their own product.

SLiCK! DataStore combines reliability of off-site data storage with sofar unmatched ease of use. The DataStore is represented by a single scripted prim which, embedded into your product, handles persistent storage, data recovery, and data manipulation for you. Read more

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About SLiCK!

Founded by Mika Feiri, SLiCK! focuses on high-quality tools, clothes, and accessories. Not content with mediocre quality of many available products, our motto is "Don't sell anything you couldn't proudly wear/use yourself!"