RELEASEDGood news, everyone! The popular Isolation Hood has entered a new stage, and is now available at version 1.1! More changes have been planned for it that I really managed to implement, but I must blame both my RL and SL for keeping me busy or drained – and moreover, it just means there will be more updates coming out before version 2.0 is ready. Now let’s take a peek at what the updated version has to offer…

I’ll start with features that are most visible for most users, although the core of this update was the AutoUpdater. Let’s get started…

Color Selection

Instead of trying to persuade you that the hood can be tinted to whatever color you desire, I’ll be straightforward. The only way of truly coloring a textured item is – color the texture. Using the prim’s hue to emulate color change is a quick and dirty fake, and I’m not going to use it.

However, that means a limited number of colors for the hood. Aware of this, I tried to pick the most frequent colors used by fetish enthusiasts out there, and finally settled on a set of six colors, including red, pink, purple, and blue. These six colors are available in all three materials (rubber, leather, and metal), which already gives an impressive array of eighteen various looks!

Quiet/Verbose Mode

A few of you have asked me to provide a way of stopping the local chat spam. The hood “whispers” into Local whenever it’s adjusted.. and that might get a bit annoying after a while. So the option is right there, available in the “Advanced” menu. When in quiet mode, the hood will use IMs instead of Local chat.


Both adored and hated, Mouselook often adds something extra.. and the SLiCK! Isolation Hood deserves to match any other toy in terms of features. So the Mouselook is in now.. keeping the wearer perfectly blind if they’re being disobedient and trying to cam around.

No Touch

A brand new feature of RLV that prevents the wearer from touching any in-world items Рwithout a HUD! This feature of the SLiCK! Isolation Hood will only work with the most up-to-date  implementations of RLV and, in time, more viewers will support this as they update to the latest implementation.


The major – nay, critical – part of this update. Up untill now, I’ve been very careful to gather all the various updates into one large batch because distributing the update means giving the updated hood to each and every customer myself. Even though using a scripted distribution system makes it a lot less of a pain, the AutoUpdater will turn this around.

Once you rezz or wear the hood, the script connects to an in-world Update Server and checks whether your hood is the latest version. If it finds a newer one, it informs you and you will be given a copy of the latest version. Then simply delete your old hood and use the new one. No fuss with updater systems, simply unpack and wear.