Life changes. Both in RL and SL. Things we got used to, things we considered etched into stone can disappear all of sudden, transform, or maybe you look at them and realize that it’s you who has changed. Sometimes, it is happy. More often, it brings sadness for the things lost. And everytime, it leaves you wondering “what am I going to do now?” But it really is all OK, it’s a part of life. Without changing, without moving on, there would be no evolution. We would be stuck in one place, at one point in time, and the world would go past.

Ever since I have met my former Mistress, I felt nothing but love and respect for her, a burning desire to be with her and make her happy, and make her feel equally glad for having me. But time moved on and we have changed. After some events that left me emotionally shattered, I managed to pull myself together again only to find out that my true love had been only an arm’s reach away.. with my sister in submission. This was such an unexpected thing for all of us, and it caused as much grief as it caused happiness.

But we wished to move on, go with our love, and we gave it a priority. As of now, we’re engaged.. and Mistress we kind enough to release us from her service so that we could be together fully. And just as it happens, I turned out to be the dominating element in our relationship and collared my fiancée just a few days ago.

There’s something that proves to be a difficult thing – balancing out our independence and our lasting ties to our former Mistress’s family. We still consider ourselves part of it.. a detached and self-sufficient part maybe, but still a part. Sometimes it’s just too damn hard to make it work. I need to be somewhat careful treading around the feeling that we’re “moving out and leaving”. Hell yes, we are! We’re becoming a couple, and a Mistress and sub, on top of it. But on the other hand, we still wish to stay involved and help.

It’s a difficult time for all of us, and a very delicate path we must walk.. but I firmly believe we’ll make it work. Please wish us good luck.