To all my dear customers who purchased the SLiCK! Isolation Hood! Yes, you might be looking forward to an update. It will include several important things, some of them not as obvious as others, but there will be a very major one – an auto-updater that will inform you of any updates in the future, and which will deliver the updated version right into your hands. For a full list of planned changes, read on! Here are the features being updated:

  • Auto-Updater. Mentioned it before. But it’s a huge feature that will make future updates a very easy thing.
  • Leashing. Up until now the sub has been able to teleport and that has made escape possible.. not anymore!
  • Leashing. (again) There seems to have been an issue with the leash holders.. That will be fixed.
  • Blindfold. Besides all the other features, it will include the so much loved and hated Mouselook.
  • Appearance. The update will allow you to hide and show the nose holes to get the really smooth look.
  • Appearance. The update will include several additional colors for the hood, so that it easily blends with most popular latex colors