RELEASEDOnly a week after releasing the first catsuit set, I’m coming up with a new outfit. This one is without colour variants, but I’ve spent the more time on details such as accessories and improving the lightmap even more. This outfit consists of several pieces of clothing (transparent underwear and opaque clothes), and several accessory pieces, such as filigree collar and armbands, or a long heavy cloak.As usual with any “preview”, the look of the outfit is not yet final, and not yet complete. The final product may differ slightly, depending on how it all works together. At this moment, it’s just a matter of days, so stay tuned!

Well well, it’s no more just a preview! The outfit is now out and avaiable from both the SL Marketplace and my vendor at Latexia. As usual, I keep the prices low, so even if you don’t exactly have thousands of L$, you can afford it. And here’s the best part, if you’re one of those who like to mod things, the collar and bracelets are moddable.