RELEASEDNot a “preview” anymore! SLiCK! released the first of the Fetish Fashion Line, the BASIC catsuit. It introduces several major features that will be present in all upcoming releases of the Fetish Fashion Line. First and most important of them is unified lightmap which will allow all future SLiCK! products to match even if you decide to wear a combination of the outfits, no matter how wild you go. Second, also very vital to the way SLiCK! latex appears, is the selection of clean and rich colors. Each of the colors has been carefully picked to be distinctive but not to be an “eyesore”, as we can see in too many cases in SL.

Third feature that the catsuits present is passion. Having a weakness for latex, I always make sure that no product leaves my workshop unless I could wear or use it myself and be proud of it. You could say I’m a passionate latex lover. Yes, I am.

You could also say that the latex isn’t realistic. Trust me, it will never be – unless Linden Lab come with a way of using custom shaders (a feature which tells your video card how to render various textures and surfaces), there will be no way of reproducing the unique way in which high-quality latex reflects and refracts light. And so I don’t try. I make sure that what I make looks good and hot.. and let the rest of the world enjoy it.

If you’re curious about the released items, check out SLiCK! Marketplace store:

There are seven colors available, from the most frequently used black through deep ocean blue to rich pink. After all, have a look yourself..